About Select Your Lifestyle.com

SelectYourLifestyle.com is world's first popular branding platform and weblink directory, ranking and celebrating world's finest online lifestyle brands. Its main functionality is a simple and effective one-stop navigation tool that allows visitors to discover, rate & rank, save and share their favourite online brands. 

The concept was conceived by Dutchman Tom Banens during a long term professional stay in London. Here he was inspired by the rapid development and globalisation of typical British lifestyle brands like Molton Brown and Paul Smith. Combining a personal passion for branding and personal headache for todays internet information overload he decided to create a simple remediation for the latter.
Fitting in the new tradition of 'bohemian entrepreneurship', SelectYourLifestyle.com was established in 2013 as an international partnership of senior professionals with different backgrounds and nationalities, who originally came into contact with each other via social media.
Chief Editor of 'Y-our magazine' is Paris-based Aurélia Grandel de Keating, an established lifestyle journalist and art director who gained a reputation by her work for well-known French lifestyle magazines and international fashion and beauty companies. She represents best what the concept stands for: cosmopolitan, educated, stylish, fresh and open minded.
SelectYourLifestyle.com is run in close collaboration with a small team of senior advisors across marketing, advertising, fashion, travel and trendwatching industries in different countries, but also - and especially - in collaboration with a growing international viewer base who provides and ranks the content of its brand database.
Aurélia Grandel de Keating-Hart
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Technical development: Ronald Mosselman, mosselmania.
Design:  Judith de Boer, castle of performing arts. 




vintage lingerie, stockings and girdles by What Katie Did